Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seahawks in the Playoffs

   It is hard to be a Seahawks fan. Not! I love it. People hate it. I love it more. I wear my jerseys proud every weekend. Everywhere I go, I get dirty looks from the haters. Every once in a while I get somebody brave enough to speak up and say something like, "You must not be from around here." I am from around here and I am proud to say Seattle is my team.
   It takes a real fan to stand by a team that hardly ever makes it to the postseason. I had no idea that the winner of today's game would be going to the playoffs. It was a real nail-biter to the end too. One touchdown would have forced it to overtime and my ears kept ringing with these fatal words from Hasselbeck's mouth a few years ago, "We want the ball and we're gonna score!" I still ask myself why he had to go and say that. Anyway, I do not think we would have won it in overtime. I was really hoping that after that pick, we would have scored a touchdown to seal the deal. We ended up with just a field goal. However, with a ten point lead and under two minutes on the clock, we knew we were going to the playoffs.
   We might not make it past the wild card game. If we do, it will be a hard battle against the Bears. The opportunity for a Super Bowl seems to be slim to none. However, this fan will be holding his breath for another shot at a Super Bowl win. If we can make it to the playoffs even after losing seven of ten games, a Super Bowl ring cannot be far off.

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