Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cool Stuff Watch - PedEgg - I Love My PedEgg

What? PedEgg
Why? Keep those feet smooth
How Much? $10-$15
Where? Target, Walmart, etc...
Really? Everybody needs a PedEgg

   Do you ever feel the callouses on your feet and know you should do something about them? No joke, I used to take my large fingernail clippers to my heels to take away the layers of dry skin. Fingernail clippers is not the proper way to take care of callouses on your feet. Do not do it, you might cut too deep and get an infection. Then you would be even more uncomfortable than you were with the callous. The solution for me was my wife. She did not like my methods and insisted on buying me a PedEgg.
   At first, I was weary of using what is essentially a cheese grater on my feet. The whole concept is pretty gnarly when you think of it; going at the feet with a cheese grater. However, this is perfect for removing the layers and layers of dead skin that form callouses on your feet. If you are gentle, the dead skin falls off in a fine powder that you can add water to in order to make a cracker spread. Just kidding, if you make a dead-heel-skin cracker spread, please do not talk to me anymore.
   Exclusive "Cool Stuff Watch" tip: take it easy with the PedEgg; especially when just starting. You are taking a cheese grater to your foot. If you go crazy with it, it will hurt. Slow down, take off a little bit at a time every couple of days, and soon you will have smooth feet too.

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