Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cool Stuff Watch: Bamboo Tablet - Write on Your PC

* What? Bamboo Tablet *
* Why? Drawing pad for the PC *
* How Much? $60+ *
* Where? Electronics store *
* Really? Yes, everybody feels a need to *
* jot something down on the PC *
* from time to time. *

   Did you ever wish you could sign a document in your email without printing it out first? Have you ever used an art application, but wish you had something better than a mouse to draw with? Have you ever just thought, "this would be so much easier with a pen and paper type interface?". The Bamboo Tablet, a touch pad for the PC, is the answer for all of these needs.

   Many people know that I am currently self-employed, working from home. Many people also know that I just graduated from an online school. Therefore, it is easy to think that if I printed each and every document I need to sign simply to fax it straight back to the person that needs it signed, I would be wasting incredible amounts of paper. The Bamboo Tablet has a plug-in for most of the major office suites that allows you to write directly on your documents. No more printing, no more scanning, no more faxing. Sign, save, send back in the email. This tablet literally pays for itself in the ink you save.
   Another great use for the Bamboo Tablet is when drawing stuff on whatever art suite you use. Most of us have at least minimal experience messing around trying to create one art asset or another. All of us with this minimal experience can easily agree that the mouse really does not work well compared to pen and paper. Those of us that are left-handed feel the pain even more. The Bamboo Tablet brings the feel back to paper and pencil. While my art skills are not anything to brag about, I feel infinitely more comfortable drawing with the tablet than I do with the mouse. Added bonus: the kids absolutely love it. Again, savings come in the form of not wasted paper. Also, know how the kids always love to save their drawings? Well computer storage is much cheaper and can be managed much more efficiently than real-world storage. A particularly good drawing by the kids? Use it as your wallpaper. See, this really is great.
   For the true Bamboo Tablet enthusiasts, the tablet can completely take the place of the mouse. The tablet is fully functional as a mouse and is every bit as responsive. I have not taken it to this level yet, but have a couple of friends that swear by it. If you are the type of person that wants a touch screen monitor, but cannot yet afford it, this is definitely a viable alternative to start with.
   In this age, I honestly cannot think of a person that does not have a need for a PC tablet such as the Bamboo Tablet. As more and more of our transactions quickly turn from the physical world to the internet, a tablet such as the Bamboo Tablet will be absolutely essential to our daily needs. Be ahead of the curve and get yours now.
   Exclusive Cool Stuff Watch tips: Do not worry about going too expensive. If you really like the tablet, I highly recommend upgrading to a touch screen monitor. A basic touch pad with a pen should do you well. If you go with the Bamboo Tablet, this is one piece of hardware in which you will want to use the drivers on the disc. I attempted to use the over-the-internet drivers and the tablet did not function as well as I could have hoped. Use the disc.

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