Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seahawks Defeat Defending Champs

   Many of you like to taunt me with the fact that Seahawks do not exist. I absolutely cannot deny the truth behind this sad fact. Seahawks do not exist. Seahawks are mythological creatures. As is the way with mythological creatures; Seahawks do not disappoint.
   Seahawks fans are as sparse in these parts as Seahawks are throughout the world. However, even the worst Seahawks haters cannot help but be happy the Seahawks played football this last Sunday. Because of the Seahawks, no other teams will have to deal with the New Orleans Saints. Many people might loudly say they were not too worried; however, we all know everybody was more concerned about playing the Saints than the Seahawks.
   I will admit; I was as doubtful as the next person. The Seahawks have simply not had an impressive season. We had lost 7 or our last 9 games going into the last week to play the Rams. I did not really think we would get past the St. Louis Rams, so when I found out we would be playing the defending Superbowl champs, I thought for sure our season would be over.
   The first quarter did little to raise my hopes. I pick right at the beginning of the game left me sure that this would be a repeat of previous weeks. I believe that drive turned into a touchdown for the Saints, which then quickly led to the Saints getting the ball back for field-goal. Finally, towards the end of the quarter we were able to respond with a touchdown of our own and keeps the Saints from scoring again.
   The second quarter is where the Seahawks really turned the tables. We came out strong and scored another 10 points before giving up anything more to the Saints. Still though, the Saints did manage to score 10 of their own points during the quarter; however, we made 17.
   Third quarter was downright pitiful for New Orleans. They were so frustrated, they could not even keep their hands to themselves. The Saints really looked as if they had come completely unglued. The Seahawks really did well to shove them even further down; scoring 10 unanswered points for the quarter.
   Something happened around the very end of the third quarter, beginning of fourth quarter though. As we all expect, the Seahawks lost their fire. They lost their fire to a team you do not want to lose your fire to. Drew Brees saw this and stepped up. Under his command, the Saints really could have taken the game. It was 30-34, and the ball was going back and forth. Seattle got it for a second down in their own territory with about 3:30 on the clock. It was going to be another probably fruitless rush by Marshawn Lynch. All of a sudden, he got the perfect start up the middle and shook every guy that came on him, even pushing one off of him. He ran it all the way in for a 67-yard touchdown; sealing the deal to advance to the second week of the postseason. Final score ended 36-41, Seahawks!!!!
   The Seahawks may not be the best team, but whichever team we play this next weekend had better bring their top game. This is not the first time the Seahawks have proven they can bring on the heat in the playoffs. Watch out, here we come!

   This is a video posted to YouTube of the play everybody has seen by now for sure. I, for one, cannot get enough of this video.

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