Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Controllers: The Logitech Dual Action Game Pad

   The Logitech Dual Action is a game pad for the PC that has been around for quite some time. While I am not much of a PC gamer, when I first had a need for a PC game pad, I picked the Logitech Dual Action due to its attractive price and design. The Dual Action was clearly a great choice, because I have never felt a need to pick a different controller for PC gaming since first using this.

   At first glance, you can see exactly what attracted my eye. The Logitech Dual Action shamelessly copies the design of the Sony PlayStation controller. Holding the controller gives much the same feel as a PlayStation 2 controller. The spatial dimensions are just barely different than the PS2 controller; almost negligible to the hands. The buttons are another area that nearly copied the PS2 controller. They are nice and smooth and placed in the same locations. The only noticeable difference between this controller and the PS2 controller is the fact that the buttons are labeled with numbers, the color, and the fact that it plugs into the computer via a USB plug.
   This controller does not just please the eye either. It will perform well in all of your games. Logitech is the household name when it comes to PC peripherals. This controller delivers nothing less than what you would expect from such a name. I have used it for shooting games, emulators, Flash games, and even incorporated it into my own programming projects. As far as usability goes, I will give this controller the same grade as the Dual Shock 3, "meets expectations". Again, it cannot get any better than "meets expectations", because we really need to expect perfection from our video game controllers.
   I have heard that the drivers you use make a difference with this controller. Look, it is now 2011. Most of our devices that are plug-n-play will automatically install the drivers needed over the internet. I always recommend trying this feature before trying the drivers on the provided disc. Often times, there may be hardware or operating system specific drivers that are not included on the disc. These will be detected by the drivers downloaded over the internet. However, there are always cases where the over the internet drivers do not work; therefore, if you ever run into such an issue, clean the drivers off the computer and use the manufacturer supplied disc. In the case of this controller though, do not use the disc of drivers that come with it if you have an internet connection. The over the internet drivers will work fine, if not better than the drivers on the disc.
   I have said something similar to this before, but do not be innovative with my game controllers unless it makes sense. The Logitech Dual Action Game Pad took a page out of a familiar book, copied it well, and distributed it for a platform that needed a decent video game controller. You will not find a better game pad for the PC. Even better, this beauty is only $20. Go get yours now!

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