Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome Back...Again

Hey There Everybody!

How has life been treating you?

It has been a long time. I know, I promised a comeback before. I did not live up to it. Lately, there has been much going on that I want to talk about. From the personal level to a world-wide level, so much has changed; yet, so much is the same. I do not even know where to start!

Where to start?...where to start?

This first post will just be a bunch of random tidbits, I guess. Get some feelings out. Hopefully some people will read and connect.

First, let's talk about my career some. I just passed my 6-year mark with Accenture. Really, despite some hard work, it is a fantastic company to work for. I have gone from being an Associate Developer to being an Associate Manager. It is funny how so many long days turn into years flying by in what seems like short-order. Everyday, I am challenged in my role. I love it and I love to hate it. Accenture has given me opportunities I would have never imagined possible. I work with a fantastic group of people that want nothing more than to see and help everybody around them grow and succeed. There is a core group on my project that really stick together through thick and thin. We are being asked to work on what seems to be an impossible task, yet I really feel that with our group we will persevere. I would really like to discuss some of the things I am learning and doing everyday, so I will devote some posts specifically to that.

Probably the single most awesome thing that has happened in my time with Accenture has been the opportunity to work with an international team and travel to India several times. A lot of people around me do not understand the allure, but I say they simply have not been there to experience it. Going to India has really opened my eyes and perspectives on the world. Being somebody that has not traveled much beyond the west coast of the US, it was really something. Before I left for the first time, many people attempted to shape my expectations and direct my explorations. On my first trip, I decided to drop all expectations and let myself form my view from personal experience. Without a doubt, my world was turned upside down (I was upside down compared to US?).

On a personal level, life has been shaky.

My son is now 5. He just started kindergarten this last week. How crazy is that? It is so amazing to watch young people grow into themselves. Every single day at that age, it is possible to witness possible growth and experience being gained.

Marriage? Hmmmmm........well.......you see.......thing is.......I hate feeling like people are trying to control me. I really do aim to please. Why does that always have to lead to being taken advantage of? I do not really understand. So, my marriage is in limbo. Really, no good reason to be in limbo. It is over; however, the lady does not want to make it easy. She has no problem collecting money each month as if we are divorced, but does not want to actually finish the divorce. What is really terrible about it is how the kids are doing. Forget us and our nonsense. There are two kids that I spent the better part of a decade with which are no longer really a part of my life. Then there is our own child together which is being torn by having to spend half of his time with his mother and half of his time with his father. Do you think a child cares that his parent's do not like each other? NOPE! Every child just wants their mom and dad to be together despite any issues. It is really tough.

Friends? Fuck them. I have disavowed all of them. It kind of goes back to the marriage thing. Thing is, I made these friends when I was young and dumb. I am still dumb, but a bit older. When we were all more or less equal, it was great. However, as I continued to grow as a person, I started seeing that it caused strains on those relationships. My mother used to tell me that if you want to be successful then you should associate with those who are more successful than you. Little did I understand that those in the same circle would go to great lengths to keep you at their level.

Video games? I wish! Although, I am one of the lucky few that has managed to secure a Nintendo Switch. Despite a distinct lack of games at this point, I love the concept of the console. I have been playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At first, I did not care for it much. However, now that I have continued playing it, it is really drawing me in. Before the Switch came along, I was not gaming much for some time. I did beat Final Fantasy XIII sometime in the early winter, but even that was a bit of a rare occasion.

Why am I back? Why now? Well, lots of things have been happening. Many times I have thought to come back and simply start writing. Put it out there to the world. Those people that want to read can and those who do not do not have to. I have so many things in my head I would like to share, but no real outlet for any of it. This is my place and I plan on coming back to write. It took awhile to convince myself to do it, but I have read all of my old posts and was actually quite surprised/inspired.

I am not sure what my first topic will be, but look for it to be up before the end of the weekend.

Welcome back!