Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Wallpaper

   Welcome to Wednesday everybody. Being on the West Coast of the US of A, I am guessing most people's days are right about over by now. I know many of you may be having a bad week, which is too bad. Unfortunately, I cannot solve your problems for you, but I can do something. I can give you a little piece of me, or at least, a link to the wallpaper that I am currently using as my desktop background.
   Of course, Wednesday's Wallpaper is a direct ripoff of Life Hacker's Wallpaper Wednesday (click to go to site).
   This week, I give you a wallpaper that I found at my old favorite wallpaper site, (Click to follow link) This wallpaper is based on an anime series that I have never seen, Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. This was posted by the user, Lavabug, whose blog you can reach by clicking here.
   I hope you like it. Next week, I will try to give you one of my originals!

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