Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cool Stuff Watch: Brain Quest

* What? Brain Quest *
* Why? Trivia Fun *
* How Much? $10 *
* Where? Barnes and Noble *
* Really? It is like "Are You Smarter *
* than a 5th Grader", Only Your *
* Kid Shows You Up *

   My wife bought Brain Quest earlier today. Those that do not know what it is, look at the listing, here at Barnes& Wanting to be a bit above our kids' level, she bought the fourth grade version.
   While it is my personal belief that trivia itself is worthless in most educational settings, I think practicing it is great stimulation for the mind. Apparently, my wife feels the same thing. She has been randomly spitting fourth grade trivia in my direction all afternoon. I have to admit, try as I might, I cannot stop myself from answering any question she throws my way.
   I can see many a drinking game evolving from the Brain Quest deck. If you have kids, or nothing to do, go pick one up and read up on your trivia. Next time you are at my house, you might find yourself taking a shot if you do not know the answer!

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