Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Plan: 2/7/2011 - 2/13/2011

* Objective *
* SMS Font *
* SMS Code *
* SMS Graphics *

   My weekly plans for this week will really be light on the side-project. I have a huge work project to take care of, am in the middle of moving (less than 2 weeks left before my triumphant return to Sacramento), and need to be spending time with the family as well. Therefore, I have a little bit of finishing up to do in terms of the Swap Meet Server code before moving on to adding the audio system. My focus this week will be on finishing up the font, cleaning up some code, and redrawing/drawing some sprites.
   In terms of the font, I just need to finish up my method that takes a word and breaks it into the individual letters for drawing. This is very close to done, I just need to work with setting offsets after certain letters. For instance, you need much more space between "ww" than "ll". This stuff is handled on a case by case basis, so this should just take a couple of hours to work it all out manually. Once it is in though, I can use it for drawing any word or sentence using my font object.
   I am also working to abstract the vast majority of the code out of the main controller class. I have so far removed the menu module which leaves the gameplay module to remove. This requires some recoding, as I need to do something to make sure variables get reset when exiting the gameplay mode.
   The final thing I need to work on is redrawing the main character sprite and add some sprites to represent the customers. I make a terrible artist, so I believe this will take me some time. However, all of the code for displaying the graphics is in, so I just need to take my time and make sure I am happy with my drawings before incorporating them into Swap Meet Server.
   That is all for this week. I believe that I should be able to get this all done. I am still excited about finishing Swap Meet Server and feel confident that it will be done within the next three to four weeks.
   What are your goals for the week?

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