Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Plan: 2/14/2011 - 2/20/2011

* Objective *
* SMS Graphics *
* SMS Sound *
* The Big Move *

   This week will be a short one for me as far as being able to compute goes. Due to my move, I will be without the use of my computer for at least all weekend. This is alright. I might have some minor withdrawals, but with a little luck, connection will be back to quasi-normal ranges by Sunday evening. Anyway, the show must go on with Swap Meet Server. I am down to the last few things I need to do, so it is time to get most of that done.
   My first ambition for the week is to get the graphics done in Swap Meet Server. I have been practicing drawing every day for a few days now. My character sprite is looking better on paper, but I am still working with it, then I need to draw several poses on the computer. I also need to draw a couple of profile type pictures of customer sprites. I am fairly confident that once I have the main character done, I will not have an issue doing the customer sprites.
   The second to last thing that needs to happen in Swap Meet Server is sound needs to be added. This involves producing sound effects and music for use as well as writing the code that will handle sound. I know nothing about making sound effects or music, so this will probably be a tall order. Due to the learning curve, I doubt I will have all of my audio assets generated this week. Adding the code to handle the sound is not too hard though. All I need is to generate the code that plays sound both as looping sound for the music and as a single play for sound effects. The rest is just telling the program when to play the sounds. If I do get this done this week, then I will be right on track. If not, then I will not be far behind. It really is just four sound effects and a very basic audio track.
   Around the house this week, we have a lot of finishing up to do this week to be prepared to load it all in a truck this weekend. The reality is, my wife and I have done a great job getting it all together. It seems like there is a lot that needs to be packed up still, but not really. the televisions need to be put into their respective boxes and the beds need to be dismantled. Beyond that, everything is in a state where I could easily throw it into the back of the truck and go.
   Last time we did this, I did not do a good job listening to my wife when loading the truck. Everything fit, but the space in the truck was poorly used, making the last things fit in awkwardly. This time around, she has already given impossible orders on how to fill the truck, but I have a couple of thoughts on how to better utilize the space provided. We definitely have more things to put into the same space, so I will need to be wise about filling it this time.
   Of course, it is supposed to rain and possibly have weather conditions that close down the Grapevine on the 5 freeway this weekend. This means we will have to take the longer route around on the 101. I have never made this drive before, but I know it can be very windy and the road is not as straight as the 5. I am really hoping that this weather system coming through fizzles out and we are able to take the direct route through. However, if not, I guess I will have a nice, long drive up the coast.
   The final thing will be unloading the truck. Frankly, I like unloading more than loading, because it is easier. Taking the things from a restricted space to a less-restricted space. However, by the time I get to that point, I am so tired it hardly matters. With a little luck, we will be in Sacramento before 10 PM on Saturday evening. This would be great, because I would definitely get at least the same amount of sleep I do any other night.
   That is that. Throw in some playing with the kids somewhere, maybe some homework with them, a couple of video games, writing this blog, and working, and that is a full week. What do you have going on?
   Happy Valentine's Day everybody. I love you Jen, Madison, and James.

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