Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Wallpaper

   I have decided to completely rip-off an idea I found elsewhere on the interest, which was probably ripped-off from somewhere else. The idea came from "Wallpaper Wednesday" over at LifeHacker.
   See, I realized that I like to change my wallpaper on my desktop and cell phone quite often. I used to actively hunt down wallpapers on the internet; however, this business can be dangerous. I usually go after anime chics or video game wallpapers. Generally, the selections really are not that great. I do not like blaring colors in the morning, so anything too bright is off the books immediately. A while back I decided I would start making my own wallpapers. I have a little bit of image editing skills from my work in video games and can (and do) easily make video game wallpapers.
   I do not ever really share my wallpapers with people. However, today I was thinking, "Brian, it is such a sad, cold, gray world that you should offer these people a little glimpse of the happy warmth of sunshine. Really, you should save them if you can." Well, I cannot save you people, but I have your sunshine right here. I will now be offering on my blog a little ray of sunshine each and every Wednesday. Well, I might not do it every Wednesday, but definitely whenever I feel like it.
   Without further ado, a little offering to help you be a little more like me. This Wednesday's Wallpaper is dedicated to Megaman X. That is correct, Megaman X was awesome. Now, you have a Megaman X wallpaper made exclusively for you, by me. Right-click, set as desktop background, and live in joy until next Wednesday!

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