Thursday, February 17, 2011


   Well, I have been working on this blog for about two months now; trying to deliver a new post each day. Unfortunately, I am extraordinarily busy this week with my move. I would love to post something each day; however, I simply will not have the time.
   With the expectation of winter weather throughout the southern CA mountain regions, I will be taking the scenic route up the coast of California to get to Sacramento. Route watching and planning has been taking much of my extra-curricular internet time up.
   I expect that I will be returning full-force next Wednesday, February 23rd. Until then, catch up on some free games over at Flonga. Help me out with suggestions for reviews. You pick a game, I will review it. Also coming soon, a postmortem review on the Hobo series in which I discuss some of the things I would have included had I been a developer for the series using my postmortem format.
   As always, thank you for reading. I shall make my return very soon!

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