Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Progress Report

* Accomplishment Grade *
* Updated Resumé: A- *
* Cleared Error: A *
* Menu Screens: F *

   I was fairly successful in all of my endeavors this week. I had to push my Android project off to earn some extra money, but that is alright. All in all, because the time I would have spend on the Android project was well spent, I give myself about an A for the week.
   My resumé came along very nicely. I ended up reformatting it quite a bit. I had sent my last week copy to my career adviser at Westwood College. She actually had constructive feedback on almost every section. Instead of going for a unique look, I shot for a more professional presentation that is quick to read. Most of the information is listed as bullet points, which makes it easy to decipher where the pertinent information is. I still think I could do better with my objective statement though. I will likely work with that a little more this next week.
   I am incredibly happy about the outcome of my second objective. I no longer get a side by side configuration error while trying to run my projects on other machines. This means I can comfortably distribute C++ applications I write knowing they will work on other machines. Anybody who would like to try out the most recent version of Swap Meet Server should send me a message and I will send it their way.
   A last minute weekend-work request from my boss prevented me from being able to work on my Android version of Swap Meet Server this weekend. I am very disappointed that I am still not making much progress on this front; however, an opportunity to earn money and make my boss happy will always come before weekend projects. That is the way it is when you have a family. As always, try try again next week.
   How did your week go? What did you get done? What was left undone? What was the high point? What was the low point?
   Thanks for reading!

* Random Week-Long Personal Stats *
* Description Stat *
* Push-ups 3900 *
* Hours of Sleep 51 *
* Working Hours 60 *
* Meals 17 *
* Hair Length 3.5" - 4" *

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