Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Plan: 1/31/2011 - 2/6/2011

* Objective *
* SMS Font *
* SMS Code *
* SMS Graphics *
* LBP Level *

   The main goal for this week is to get Swap Meet Server code-locked aside from sound and the high score interface. This will include finishing up the transition of the font object, cleaning up some code, and finishing the graphics. On the side, I will likely continue working with the Little Big Planet level editor.
   I actually only have two places left where I use the DirectX font object instead of my own. This will go pretty easily; however, I do have to work out a draw method for one area that can change the font color.
   I have already made progress in terms of cleaning up the code this week. I have almost completely wiped out the Direct Input object; replacing it with my own code. After staring at it begrudgingly for a couple of hours and researching implementation techniques on Google, I realized that this process is much easier than I thought it was going to be. Once I started cleaning out the Direct Input, it all went (almost done now) very quickly. This was the last portion of code in Swap Meet Server that was not written by me, so this is a great accomplishment for me.
   Some other code things I am looking at is making a menu class as well as a play class. This will leave my game class as a basic controller to handle the transitions between the different states in the game. This will take some time, but ultimately it will make my code very much more organized.
   The other thing I need to get done on Swap Meet Server is a redraw of the player character sprites as well as draw some customer sprites. A friend gave me a good idea about how to implement the customers in a way which will not be confusing to the player. This actually will make drawing the sprites easier too, so I will most likely use his suggestion.
   During my free-time this week, I am going to continue playing with the Little Big Planet level editor. I really want to be a good part of the LBP community and get some content published. While it is play, it is also building skills. Working with any editor helps to familiarize yourself with similar tools. It is a development environment that works differently from the ones I generally use, so it is very interesting.
   These are my plans for the week. Being off to a good start is always helpful. Of course, I cannot even pretend as if these activities are all I get to focus on this week. In any case, if I get this much done, I will be well on my way to finishing Swap Meet Server in C++, and that will be incredibly awesome. What are you doing this week?

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