Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Plan: 1/24/2011 - 1/30/2011

* Objective *
* SMS Font *
* SMS Code *
* SMS Graphics *
* SMS Combos *

   Time is a very valuable thing. Apparently I cannot afford much for personal projects at this time. Of course, I am working daily on getting the move ready to go at this point. Also, work has been keeping me fairly busy; even into the evenings and weekends.
   Having taken this all into consideration, I have reevaluated my project goals and am going to focus on a sole project. I really need at least one strong piece to use for a portfolio piece. Because I never considered the C++ version of Swap Meet Server to be a finished product, but it is closer to done than other projects I have going, I am going to focus on making that project everything I would like it to be. Finishing out this project will include some more coding, some code adjustments, some graphics adjustments, and the addition of sound.
   The first thing I will do this week is finish up the adjustment of all of the font in Swap Meet Server. I am having an issue where some of the text displays awkwardly on different types of monitors. This is highly undesirable. I do have most of the assets fixed, I just need to implement them, so it should go quick.
   As far as the code goes, I need to clean up some of a mess I left when implementing the mouse functions. This actually should not be so bad and will clear probably several hundred lines of code from the project. That is always nice. Further, the mouse implementation was done with borrowed code. After cleaning it up, I will be able to honestly say all of the code is mine.
   With the graphics, I want to redraw the main character. Sunguy can be an icon in his own right. My art skills leave much to be desired, but I am sure I can do better than I did. Also, instead of having him run back and forth across the screen, he will have a more permanent spot in front of the cash register. This will avoid confusion during the faster gameplay. I would also like to add a few customer character sprites. This was always part of the plan, but they still have yet to be drawn. The other graphics-related item I wanted to add is on-screen visuals for when a correct order is filled. For example, if you get the order correct, you see something like "+$20" float above the cash register briefly. I also need to make an icon for the application that you see on your desktop.
   If I get to it, the last thing I really want to accomplish this week is getting the combo system in. This actually will not be very hard to implement. All I need to do is put in a counter that increments with each correct order and resets with each wrong order. If the number correct in a row is more than one and less than ten, we multiply by that amount. If it is more than ten, we multiply the amount by ten. This means, that the player can earn up to ten times the amount of an order per correct order. Fast money!
   This is what I hope to get done with this week. Again, this is a more focused plan with the thought in mind that I really do not have a whole lot of extra time to spare. After I am happy with this version of Swap Meet Server, not only will I have a portfolio piece I am proud of, but I will be well prepared to close that chapter and move on to the Android port of the game.
   What are your plans for the week? How do you intend to reach towards your goals? Leave some thoughts. As always, thank you for reading. Make this week the best one yet.

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