Sunday, January 9, 2011

Current Project Review: Swap Meet Server Android

Accomplishments: None
Personal Grade: F
Project Review: Another shot please

   Hands down, I had a very busy week. I simply did not get anything done on my project. Luckily, I have the kids going back to school tomorrow. While this only minimally frees me up during the day, as I do have a full time job, it does lift some stress off my shoulders.
   This said, I will be trying again this next week. I believe I have the few bucks I need to buy the book I need. This will be an invaluable resource. Most of the stuff you need, you can find online; however, when you have a specific goal in mind, a well-targeted book can be the best thing you can get.
   I am also trying to get my C++ version of Swap Meet Server to clear up an error that happens on non-development computers. I find it unfortunate that I am having such a hard time making a distributable package with my projects from Visual Studio. However, I fully understand that Microsoft does this on purpose.
   Next week is a new week. Understand and admit your shortcomings then move on to the next day with the wisdom of yesterday.

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