Sunday, January 2, 2011

Current Project Review - Swap Meet Server Android

Accomplishments: None
Personal Grade: F
Weekly Reflection: Try, try again

   I am happy to say I did not get much done this week. Being the holidays and a self-employed dad, I was at home with the kids more or less all week. I did attempt to work on Swap Meet Server in the evenings however, I am having a hard time setting up my transitions to different game states.
   As I said last week, I already have to screens that flash back and forth. I set this up using two xml files with the different pictures attached as the background for the xml layout. The main code ran a timer that transitioned between the two content views every few seconds.
   What I actually need to do is create a class that extends a layout and then set the xml layout file to use that layout in the application. This is actually easy to do in terms of programming; however, I am having a hard time getting my pictures through in the layout class I made. I credit this mostly to being new to the Eclipse IDE as well as new to Java and Android. I have minimal experience with Java and this is my first experience with the Android SDK.
   I have a couple of books on the subject of mobile phone application programming; however, I may look for a more novice level book for help in setting up my components.
   Anyway, not a lot of progress this last week. At the least though, programming experience is always a plus. Even if you do not accomplish everything you hope for, it is important to work towards your goals and modify as needed.

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