Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekly Plan - Swap Meet Server Android

Objective Dates
All menus and menu screens implemented Mon-Wed
First game mode implemented Thurs-Sun

   I have two main goals for my software project this week. The first is to have all non-gameplay scenes implemented. The second is to have the first game mode in the program as a playable.
   The implementation of the menu screens is always a good place for me to start. It is a simple implementation that serves two purposed for me. One, it shows me that my game loop works. Two, it is a small accomplishment with a quick reward. This implementation is simply a splash screen that shows my logo, a menu screen with buttons that will mostly do nothing at the time, and a credits screen that will have a few names as well as a link to this blog. This will also have a menu associated with the menu hardkey on Android devices. I already have the splash screen and menu screen flashing back and forth, so I have a good start with this particular objective.
   The second objective is just to get a game mode going. This will not be fully operating. I just want to have the background and fruit stand set up as well as having a timer running. I will undoubtedly need to rework some of my art assets, which could consume more time than I would like. I also will need to work on how I display the assets to the screen. When developing for many devices, it is important to work with a normalized screen size. In this way, we are detecting input and laying out our assets based on a percentage of the actual screen size rather than programming for a particular window size then suffering the consequence of not having things line up for forced screen sizes. I have some learning to do on this front, which is why I do not intend for the first game mode to be fully functioning by the end of the week.
   That wraps up my plan for Swap Meet Server this week. If I do not end up having to serve jury duty, I believe these are reasonable goals. I still have my kids at home and it is New Year's this weekend, so I will not have quite as much time as one would think for programming this week. Check back on Sunday and see how I did!

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