Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

   Thank you for coming! This is the blog for Brian Furlong. I have had this blog for quite some time; however, I have yet to make use of it. I recently finished school, so I am making it a point to put up some content.
   A little about myself.....my name is Brian. I am known as Brian from Sacramento; B-Sac, for short. I am currently in Corona, CA, but will be back in Sacramento for good in a short while. I just finished my bachelor's degree for Game Software Development at Westwood College Online. Truth be told, I am very proud of myself; however, recent events have made it a bittersweet accomplishment. My long-term goal is to earn a PhD in Computer Science and go into research and development. I am very interested in the Intel chip-sets as well as Sony PlayStation, so hopefully my goals will lead me to a research position within one of these companies.
   In the meantime, I plan to put my Game Software Development degree to good use. I am working on an Android game called Swap Meet Server. I hope to have it out by the beginning of February. If it is even minimally successful, I have ideas for several other games that will be released in short time after. If it is marginally successful, I will expand the horizons to the iPlatform.
   In case it was not clear, I am a gamer. I am mostly a Sony PlayStation fanboy; however, I also have a soft spot for Nintendo. My main intention for this blog is to use it as a video game review blog. Because I work for myself, I shall review anything I want. However, I can take suggestions. For the most part, I will review games I have played in the past, but replayed in recent days for the purpose of reviewing. While I would like the reviews to be from a technical standpoint, I have yet to accomplish that. However, I will be working to mold my format from rant and rave to technical review. It may take some time, but I appreciate you reading; even if just for entertainment.
   I will also be using this blog to discuss my programming endeavors. As I said, I am currently working on a game for the Android platform. This is my first experience programming for Android and only my second experience working with the Java programming language. It is always good to reflect on your experiences, so I shall. As I said, my first title will be Swap Meet Server. This is a memory type game that I have developed in school using C++. The Android version will be an indirect port with a bit more functionality.
   I am also a family man. I have two wonderful kids; son and daughter, and a beautiful wife. We are constantly on the move. As such, I sometimes have life experiences that I would like to share. Therefore, from time to time, my blog will be completely off-topic (hey, this is my blog) and I might just write about whatever.
   It is my goal to write an article each day. That being said, this is the end of this article. I thank you all for reading. I hope you find the content entertaining at the least. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Thanks!

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